Boldog új évet!

It's a new year, so who knows? Maybe I'll post some things more frequently. Not that I expect anyone will read this, besides me. Anyway, here are some things I did in 2022.

How Not to Do MFA

I keep saying I am going to make this site prettier, but then I get busier with other things. So, while I'm busy not making this prettier, I'll tell you some stories about how not to implement multi-factor authentication. (Side note: I hate multi-factor authentication. More about that later.) In offering technical assistance to a local non-profit organization and a church, I have the pleasure of using some services built by folks that helpfully make multi-factor authentication worse than it has to be.

Facebook Sucks

This post is mostly an attempt to convince myself to ditch Facebook for a second time, but it may also serve as a reference for when I am inevitably asked, "What do you mean you're not on Facebook?" Because everyone is on Facebook, or so Zuckerberg would have you believe. In fact, many are not on the platform. Kids get it, Facebook is an awful place to spend time.

Why I Turned Off Email Notifications

(Originally published on September 29, 2018.) In the not too distant past, Google got something right. Recently, they have been in the news for some fairly ridiculous antics, like obfuscating domains in the URL, or automatically signing users into the browser, before half-assedly backpeddling. But, in more positive news—or olds, since it came with Oreo—you can now disable notifications per app. I love this feature, because I have a habit of abandoning near real-time notifications.

Sorting by Last Name is Stupid

(Originally published on October 15, 2018.) My name is Aaron. That’s how I’ll introduce myself informally. If the ocassion is especially formal, I might skip it. Or I’ll introduce myself as Aaron Angel. Note what I will never say: “Hi, my name is Angel, Aaron.” I’m not James Bond. What even is a last name, anyway? Who decided we need to sort lists of people’s name by the least used, thus least significant, portion thereof?