Week Whatever

Obviously, my plan to update weekly has gone south. Daylight saving is not working. Seriously, there is never enough time in the day. But hey, here's another update!

Week Six: Some Things Happened

Here we are at the end of week six. Things happened. I really didn't have the motivation to write a whole lot. Also, I noticed that pagination of my blog somehow broke. It was working when I tested it locally, I swear! I'll have to look at it later. On the plus side, I am off tomorrow—yay, federal holidays!—so I'll have plenty of time to figure it out. P.

Week Five: Personal Automation

I was reading through some discussion on Hacker News about using RSS, and came across a project called Huginn. This looks like an awesome way to personally curate various sources from across the web. Meanwhile, I added links to RSS feeds to each page on the site. I didn't realize Hugo automatically generated RSS until today. I'll probably be experimenting with Huginn and posting about it in the near future.

Week Four: Something Witty

And so we wrap up week four. And, for that matter, the month. This makes five posts thus far. I should probably add pagination to my blog. Wait one moment, please… Ah; that's better. You can't see it, yet, but it's there. I tweaked other things on the site just a tad. The background color is a tad warmer, which I find a tad easier on the eyes. I also added a horizontal rule for a bit of extra flare.

Week Three: Not Your Robot

I am not a robot. And even if I were, I would not be yours. How did we arrive at a web that is increasingly hostile to actual humans? Efficiency. There is something to be said for slowing down to enjoy life, or to take time to do something right. Efficiency is not king; far from it. Lately, I find efficiency is often the reason I feel so busy.