Week Five: Personal Automation

I was reading through some discussion on Hacker News about using RSS, and came across a project called Huginn. This looks like an awesome way to personally curate various sources from across the web. Meanwhile, I added links to RSS feeds to each page on the site. I didn't realize Hugo automatically generated RSS until today. I'll probably be experimenting with Huginn and posting about it in the near future. It seems pretty slick out of the box.

Week Four: Something Witty

And so we wrap up week four. And, for that matter, the month. This makes five posts thus far. I should probably add pagination to my blog. Wait one moment, please... Ah; that's better. You can't see it, yet, but it's there. I tweaked other things on the site just a tad. The background color is a tad warmer, which I find a tad easier on the eyes. I also added a horizontal rule for a bit of extra flare.

Week Three: Not Your Robot

I am not a robot. And even if I were, I would not be yours. How did we arrive at a web that is increasingly hostile to actual humans? Efficiency. There is something to be said for slowing down to enjoy life, or to take time to do something right. Efficiency is not king; far from it. Lately, I find efficiency is often the reason I feel so busy. Thanks to reCAPTCHA, many services and sites demand you do Google's bidding.

Week Two Update: Deletion Shenanigans

Have you ever tried deleting an online account? I have. I have updated several I want to keep after changing email addresses, and several others I've deleted over the last week. And on requesting deletion, I have encountered varying levels of resistence. Take Adobe, for instance. I had the username and password for the account, but I was coerced to accept a change in terms in order to sign in just to delete the account.

Week One Update: Networking Shenanigans

Today is the end of the first week of the year (assuming you count weeks according to the ISO). I've done quite a bit in the world of, from setting up FreeBSD on an old eMachine and a couple of Orange Pis, to moving from Scrapazon Web Services to RackNerd, and setting up Kerberos, LDAP, Nextcloud, Postfix, and Dovecot. I also upgraded OpenWRT, which basically meant setting most services up from scratch again, because the built-in backup is not nearly as robust as one would think.