Week Two Update: Deletion Shenanigans

Have you ever tried deleting an online account? I have. I have updated several I want to keep after changing email addresses, and several others I've deleted over the last week. And on requesting deletion, I have encountered varying levels of resistence. Take Adobe, for instance. I had the username and password for the account, but I was coerced to accept a change in terms in order to sign in just to delete the account.

Week One Update: Networking Shenanigans

Today is the end of the first week of the year (assuming you count weeks according to the ISO). I've done quite a bit in the world of, from setting up FreeBSD on an old eMachine and a couple of Orange Pis, to moving from Scrapazon Web Services to RackNerd, and setting up Kerberos, LDAP, Nextcloud, Postfix, and Dovecot. I also upgraded OpenWRT, which basically meant setting most services up from scratch again, because the built-in backup is not nearly as robust as one would think.

A new site

So, I did a thing. More importantly, I did a first thing. I registered my first so-called premium domain. It was so premium, that no one else had gotten to it before I did. Welcome to my new site. Yes, yes, of course: More will be coming Real Soon Now™. (Yes, thank you, I do remember Usenet. It was great.) I did another thing after said first thing, but this 'nother thing was not a first thing.