A new site

January 3, 2021

So, I did a thing. More importantly, I did a first thing. I registered my first so-called premium domain. It was so premium, that no one else had gotten to it before I did. Welcome to my new site. Yes, yes, of course: More will be coming Real Soon Now™. (Yes, thank you, I do remember Usenet. It was great.)

I did another thing after said first thing, but this 'nother thing was not a first thing. Email is fun, and setting up email servers is even funner. I prefer Postfix1, myself, so that's what I set up. As I planned on using this for my (new) regular email, I decided to get a cheap VPS. I found RackNerd on LowEndBox, and it fit the bill quite nicely at $23/year, much cheaper than what I am currently paying Trashazon-dot-trashicom.

  1. Seriously, how have you not enabled TLS in 2021? I think a university ought to be able to figure this out. [return]