Boldog új évet!

January 2, 2023

It's a new year, so who knows? Maybe I'll post some things more frequently. Not that I expect anyone will read this, besides me. Anyway, here are some things I did in 2022.

Deleted my Twitter account.

I deleted my Twitter account before deleting your Twitter was cool. Seriously. I deleted it all the way back in January. It wasn't until November, while I was preparing for Advent of Code that I realized I should probably have merged my progress into a new account beforehand. Oops.

Replaced OpenVPN with Wireguard. Mostly.

Wireguard is awesome. It's a lot easier to configure, especially if you want a split-tunnel. I also figured out how to get Wireguard to stay connected even when I switch networks. The problem was DNS: The client would get the address at startup, and never refresh it. So, if I started the tunnel at home, it got an internal IP address. If I started the tunnel away, it got the external address for the endpoint. So I created a new domain to get the external IP addresses regardless of whether I was home or away, et voila! Works like a charm, now.

Got promoted.

I was quite excited when this happened. I honestly had given up hope. That's usually when good things sneak up on me. Somehow, I still haven't gotten the hint, and it still surprised me.

Gave up early on Advent of Code. Again.

Really, I enjoy Advent of Code. To a point. Each year, there always seems to be a point where "fun puzzle" meets "this is tedious." And if you know me, you know that tedious and fun are not words I put in the same sentence, except when I'm pointing out that fact. Maybe I'll go back to it at some point.

Filled out my DS-11.

After watching a talk from Devian Ollam about being prepared, I went to the DHS site and filled the damn thing out. Haven't done anything more with it yet, but you'll never get to step 1 if you don't get to step 2. And since I would like to travel in the not so distance future, I'm going to need to get passport at some point. So why not?

Started my own Mastodon instance.

See that Mastodon link at the top of the page? Yeah. I did that right at the end of the year. The documentation is not the greatest, but I muddled through and figured it out. It's running on a free Oracle CLoud compute instance. Eventually, I plan to move at least the database in-house (as in, literally in my house).