Week Four: Something Witty

January 31, 2021

And so we wrap up week four. And, for that matter, the month. This makes five posts thus far. I should probably add pagination to my blog. Wait one moment, please… Ah; that's better. You can't see it, yet, but it's there. I tweaked other things on the site just a tad. The background color is a tad warmer, which I find a tad easier on the eyes. I also added a horizontal rule for a bit of extra flare. At some point, I'll add some more content besides the blog, but I haven't decided what, yet.

I should probably consider a backup solution. I use Déjà Dup on my laptop, which is simple enough. That backs up to Nextcloud, but I have plenty other files in Nextcloud, in addition to movies and music on an external drive. I'd like to avoid a so-called cloud backup solution; the whole point of these shenanigans is to bring data in-house, not leave it strewn about under everyone else's control.

I have a Bluray writer; I could back up to some Bluray disks. As much data as I have, I'd probably need several, so that might be better suited for something like semi-annual backups. Maybe quarterly? More soon on that.